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My name is Missy Brown. Emeny was created in February of 2016 when I discovered a love for working with leather. I came across a beautiful leather bag online that had happened to have been sold out. For some funny reason I decided to make the bag myself. The passion grew from that day forward.

One rainy day I quickly showed the love of my life, John, how I stitch the leather. I woke up the next morning to find a small leather pouch on the counter with incredible detail and such elaborate stitching. John's sister, Catherine, and her husband, Dan, quickly followed suit and I'm blessed to say that we now make a team of four.


The name Emeny was created in memory of my mother. My mom devastatingly passed away in 2014, If it were not for her and for God, this could never have come to be. My mom's name is Amene (Ah-meany), she was never too fond of it since people often had a hard time pronouncing it. My brother, sister and I would always use various ways of writing or pronouncing her name and most often I would call her Emeny. 


My sister, our mom & me