Missy & Catherine


In February 2016, Missy created a leather handbag for herself entirely by hand. Not realizing that a machine was capable of stitching the materials, everything was cut, assembled and stitched by hand.

When a number of people showed interest in having something made for themselves, Emeny was created. Missy's sister-in-law, Catherine, also fell in love with the designs and handcrafting techniques & joined Emeny to create a team of two. We decided to continue making everything by hand.

The name Emeny was chosen in memory of Missy's mom who passed away in 2014. Her name was Amene (Ah-meany), she was never too fond of it since people often had a hard time pronouncing it. Missy, her brother & sister would always use different ways of writing or pronouncing their mom's name and most often Missy would call her Emeny. Some of the highlighted things that Amene is remembered for was her talent in art, creativity, perseverance & entrepreneurship. Without her & the help of God, Emeny could not have been.