Entirely handcrafted, genuine bridle leather dog harness. Semi adjustable. Solid brass hardware. Riveting for design and for added strength. Hand stitched with waxed thread. 

The shoulder strap is specifically placed to offer comfort to the dog, not allowing pressure to be placed on the throat or neck while also allowing heavy leverage to the handler. The belly strap is purposely placed far behind the elbows (armpits) to prevent rubbing. High end bridle leather is used to add strength to the harness, comfort for the dog, and resistance to outdoor conditions. Solid brass hardware is used to promote additional strength and prevent any breaks or splitting of the hardware.


I would not recommend that this harness be left on the dog on a regular all day basis. This harness is more specially used for walking and for use with a leash. It was designed after the style of of a service dog harness.

To ensure the fit is not too tight or too loose, you should be able to fit two fingers snugly between the harness and your dog. Do not keep a wet harness on a dog and be sure to check for irritation or areas of rubbing.

Bridle leather is known for its strength and resistance, though it is created to withstand the elements better than most other leathers, it is still leather. To keep you harness in top shape, wipe it down following use with a damp towel and always allow it dry naturally. Use of a leather conditioner every 4-5 months or as needed is recommended. With normal wear and tear, the leather will soften and continue to become more and more comfortable for the dog.


The shoulder strap is not adjustable. This requires specific measuring of the dog. Some photos show placement of where to get this dimension from. Using a measuring tape or piece of string/twine, you’ll want to measure across the front of the chest (below the throat) and then diagonally across the shoulder to the back slightly behind the withers. You should be able to imagine where you would like the harness to pull from the back to create leverage on the chest. If you need help, you can always message me with a photo, or the breed and weight information of your pup.

Measurements are also needed for the belly strap however it is not as crucial to be specific since this strap can be adjusted by you. The center chest piece is adjustable by you and not a required measurement.

Please note, the harness on the white dog in the photos is considered to be too tight, the shoulder strap should be located slightly farther on the back (she was just the easiest to photograph).

Please let me know these measurements in your notes section during checkout, along with your choice of hardware color (brass or silver) and your choice of thread color (light or dark).


The “height” or width of the harness straps come in a variety of sizes ranging from 0.5 inch to 1.75 inches. The size or breed of your dog will help to determine the size of the straps needed, tiny dogs may do best with 0.5” straps while extra large dogs may require something on the larger end. The harness in the photos of this listing are 1”. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help in determining the size needed.

Dog Harness