Entirely handcrafted.  Both loops are created with genuine durable leather and thread preventing the need for chains.  Solid brass (can be nickel or black coated) hardware helps to prevent breakage.  A metal side release buckle is added to allow quick removal however a very strong pulling dog may do best with a solid martingale (available in our shop). Adjustable length, hand stitched with waxed thread.  Raw edges.  


Nameplates are available but will add an additional 2 to 3 weeks of processing. 


Please consider the use of your martingale when choosing a leather color. Martingales that will be used with a leash often or with a strong pulling dog would do best with a thicker variety. Dogs that tend to not be on a leash or do not pull when on a leash would do well with any variety. Leather colors are displayed according to thickness, ranging from the thickest/sturdiest (Black) to the thinnest (Acadia).

Quick Release Martingale Dog Collar

  • While we don't have an "exact" policy, we take pride in doing anything we can to make sure you're satisfied with our products. We'll work with you to find a way to make things right be it a refund, exchange, replacement etc.

    For collars, we ask that you purchase an appropriate size and (leather) strength to allow the best and safest product for your pup. For example, it's hard for us to give a refund if a half inch wide collar was purchased for a Great Dane when they need something closer to one and a half inch collar.

  • Ideally, your leather product is going to last longer if you care for it on a regualr basis. This includes preventing it from getting wet, not pulling on it when it is wet, and washing/conditioning on a regular basis. 

    Our love of leather stems from how well it holds up even in the absence of care. I personally allow my dogs to swim with their martingales on and do not wash or conditon my dog's martingales and have had them last for years. However I have also seen how nice they can look when cared for!

    Conditioning or cleaning them even once in a while can go a long way. We personally use leather conditioner by Skidmore however any leather cleaner or conditioner works. You can find these products anywhere from Walgreens to Marshalls, think shoe care, care car or even couch care and you'll typically find leather cleaners and conditioners.